Your windshield provides up to 30 percent of your structural integrity of your vehicle. It acts as a safety feature for your vehicle incase of an accident. While we work with many vehicles, here at Source AutoGlass, we make sure our customers safety and satisfaction comes first!
Windshield – located in the front of the vehicle.
Rear Windshield – located in the back of the vehicle.
Side Glass – located on the side of the vehicle in the doors.
Vent Glass – located next to retractable windows on a vehicle (Front/Rear).
Quarter Glass – located between rear windshield and Side glass on most SUV.
Sliders Glass – located on trucks as part of their Rear Windshield.
Sunroof – located on roof of vehicle. Also known as moonroof.


Whether you drive a Car or Truck, the majority of all automobiles on the road have a windshield. A big misconception is that our Windshield is just another part of our vehicles that only helps deflect flying debris and wind. While there is some truth to that popular belief, the front and Rear windshield are an essential part of the vehicle structure integrity. The Windshield is designed to keep occupants safe inside the vehicle during normal operation as well as any potential accidents that might occur.