A damage windshield can invite other frustrating issues like visibility, tickets, failed inspections and even jeopardize the safety of passengers. Here at Source Auto glass, if your chip or crack is the size of a quarter or smaller; a quick windshield repair may be your solution for you. Source Auto glass has industry trained professionals that bring their knowledge and experience to you.

Here at Source Auto glass we offer the flexibility to pay out of pocket at an affordable rate of $49.95 OR go directly with your insurance provider. Depending on your insurance coverage, the repair may even come at no cost to you.




Delaying your decision to fix a possible repair can turn into a replacement. Over time a small crack will turn into a larger crack. This likely results in a higher final cost that could have been avoided.
Our repair is Convenient and Quick. At Source Auto glass we use the highest quality materials paired with our trained professionals.  You will be back in action in as little as 30 minutes in most instances.