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Did you know about value-added features that most windshields come with? If not then there are still some chances that you might’ve heard about them from your friends, family or co-workers.

Some of the features that can enhance the driving experience and make it safer are:

Rain sensor

The windshield rain sensor enables the windshield to turn-on automatically in case of a rain. They are typically adjacent to the light sensors and they automatically detect rain on the windshield. It is undeniably a quite handy and live-saving feature since it activates the windshield on time and ensures that the visibility remains constant.

HUD Heads-up display

Thanks to technology, this feature has proved to be a life-saver. It is a transparent display that presents data on the windshield (without interrupting the view). The driver won’t have to look away from the viewpoints. The displays include speedometer (to inform the speed of the vehicle), Tachometer, and navigational indicators.

Forward Collision

It is a collision avoidance system that is deployed to prevent any collision incident from happening. There is the use of radar, laser, and camera (image recognition) to detect any kind of looming crash. It also automatically adjusts your vehicle speed and assists you in controlling the vehicle by maneuvering its cruising speed.

Lane Departure Warning

This mechanism is specifically designed to warn the diver when the vehicle starts to move/drift out of its lane. It has turned out to be a great feature since it helps a lot in avoiding accidents that happen due to a sudden change in lanes (It won’t inform if the turn signal is on). It will warn you to get back on the line. There are even some systems that automatically steer your car to the middle of the lane if it is on the verge of the lane’s boundary.

Humidity sensor

This system works in a way that it enhances the climatic comfort in the car by managing the humidity levels. There is an infrared sensor that remotely measures the radiated heat on the windscreen and this is how it calculates the temperature of the window. By managing the temperature, the humidity sensor prevents mist from building up on the windshield.

Night vision

There is the deployment of thermographic sensors that detect the Infrared Radiation (IR) waves and determines the distance of approaching objects. This Night Vision sensor enables the drivers to drive efficiently and safely at night.

Heat and defroster coils

To prevent the accumulation of snow on the screen, there is a very thin coil wire which is implanted in the glass. The thin coil is heated up by raising the temperature and this melts away the snow and ice on the windshield.

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